I began selling my handcrafted jewelry online in 2005 under the name 'Baubles by Cyndi'.  I was so excited to be online that I didn't put much thought into that name.  Shortly thereafter I changed the name to RiverCat Designs.  I created the name by combining my nickname 'Cat' with my last name 'Rivera', which is more meaningful to me.

Born and raised on the southern California coast, much of my life has been spent outdoors.  My creative energy is inspired by nature and it is with passion and enthusiasm borne from such that I create each piece of jewelry.

Incorporating natural stones, shells, glass, sterling silver, metals and found elements; every piece in my collection is unique and eclectic often with vintage

I believe jewelry is a form of self expression, a way to convey your spirit.  I welcome any comments or questions you may have about my collection.

-Cyndi Rivera